Friday, April 15, 2011

ZARA Hurrah!

The wait is almost over, only 5 days to go before the opening of Australia's first ZARA store in Sydney.
Not such a big fuss for the rest of the world, but us folk down under have had to stock up on our overseas travels. Next is Melbourne and I can assure you I will be lining up in the first fews days to add some bits and pieces to my winter wardrobe.
I can't wait!


Dina said...

Let's go shopping xoxo

Anya adores said...

LOVE Zara - just spent next weeks food cash in there last week, so starving myself now. Probably a good thing seeing summer is approaching fast ;) Have a brilliant weekend Tania
A xx

Tania said...

haha Anya, thats something I would do. fashion before food!

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